Table of Contents
Review of other stats sites
Unit 1 - Intro - downloading and installing R.
Unit 2 - workspace definition, storing and accessing data (read.table), objects (looking at them, removing them), basic statistics (mean,summary, one-sample t-test), variables, simple plot, editing data
Independent Observations
Unit 3 - setting the workspace, loading data, simple analysis of variance, factors
Unit 4 - two-factor analysis of variance, graphing the normal curve
Unit 5 - Variables
Unit 6 - Scripts and Functions and more plotting
Unit 7 - Elementary Contingency tables
Unit 8 - Introduction to odds and probability
Unit 9 - Modeling and Simulation
Unit 10 - Modeling and Simulation, part 2
Unit 11 - Study Design and Simple Sample Size
Unit 12 - Power and Sample Size  (draft - under construction)
Unit 13 - The Generalized Linear Model  (not yet available)
Unit 14 - Chi-squared and Logistic Regression  (not yet available)
Unit 15 - Survival - Work in progress
Unit 16 - Review of elementary tests and more - Work in progress
Correlated Observations (repeated measurements)
Mathematical Model for the Spread of Coronavirus
Should you get tested for the Corona virus?
Does confinement work? If so, how?
How many deaths? Can social distancing work? (continuation of confinement)
Differential Equations for PKPD
ROC curves - work in progress

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