Table of Contents
Review of other stats sites
Unit 1 - Intro - downloading and installing R.
Unit 2 - workspace definition, storing and accessing data (read.table), objects (looking at them, removing them), basic statistics (mean,summary, one-sample t-test), variables, simple plot, editing data
Independent Observations
Unit 3 - setting the workspace, loading data, simple analysis of variance, factors
Unit 4 - two-factor analysis of variance, graphing the normal curve
Unit 5 - Variables
Unit 6 - Scripts and Functions and more plotting
Unit 7 - Elementary Contingency tables
Unit 8 - Introduction to odds and probability
Unit 9 - Modeling and Simulation
Unit 10 - Modeling and Simulation, part 2
Unit 11 - Study Design and Simple Sample Size
Unit 12 - Power and Sample Size  (draft - under construction)
Unit 13 - The Generalized Linear Model  (not yet available)
Unit 14 - Chi-squared and Logistic Regression  (not yet available)
Correlated Observations (repeated measurements)
Unit 15 and beyond - Work in progress
Differential Equations for PKPD

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